Redefining #Likeagirl


Awhile ago someone said something to me that left me feeling confused and I will admit, slightly irritated.  They confidently boasted to me that, ‘Oh you don’t need to worry about spreading the ‘Like a girl’ & ‘This girl can’ campaigns message in your household with all those boys!

“WTF?! Hold up. Seriously?!  The powerful message of redefining the phrase ‘Like a girl’ to mean someone who is strong, powerful, athletic and positive instead of the old ‘You run like a girl!’ insult that use to be thrown around is AS important to be entrenched in my sons as it is for us to teach and model to our daughters.


My young impressionable beautiful boys will see me workout. They will see the real effort involved in my training, and the dedication and strength involved. They will see what real effort looks like- curves, sweat, grunts and all! Boxing, running, lifting, trails, swimming, cycling..adventures!  They will see me attempt things and fail, they will see me train for events and succeed. Most importantly I hope they are surrounded by images that help redefine the connotation of ‘Like a girl’.

This is where the importance of companies like From Thick to Thin shine.  T2T is not only an awesome sports apparel company but they are a company that cares about it’s clients and is hell-bent on stepping things up in the Body Positive Movement.  I first became aware of T2T’s sports apparel range when I noticed their  #LIKEAGIRL tank. I straight away knew I needed it!  A company that acknowledges the importance of an ALL inclusive sports apparel range for EVERYONE. Yes Everyone. All together. XS-5XL ALL TOGETHER. Sorry about the caps but this excites me a lot.  It is such a step forward for the body positive movement. The Tanks, tee’s, tights, jumpers & accessories not only offer stylish modern clothing but they do it with a purpose and a social conscience.


Look for the inspirational messages boldly printed across their tanks that stare right back at you in the gym mirror, reminding yourself and those around you, that you are strong and unstoppable. They remind you of the courage that is somewhere inside of you.  Even better..they are full of humour as well!

So this mum will proudly wear her #Likeagirl tee while working out around my young impressionable sons and hopefully the phrase “Like a girl” will never roll out of their mouths as an insult but one spoken of pride and admiration.  I will teach them to believe in yourself, that being strong & fit is also a female identity and the knowledge that we are all strong, equal and we ALL have an inner athlete in us.

 I choose to be part of the change.

Head on over and see the inspirational sports apparel range – From Thick-to-Thin. Check out their Kickstarter program as well!

*Clothing photos courtesy of From Thick-to-Thin apparel


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