You can’t stop me from being the best version of me. Not even if you tried.

IMG_2603So I ummmmed and ahhhed trying to decide if I’d share this. Ya know the whole concept of don’t give the haters an audience. True. But I’ve always tried to keep my blog honest and real so I decided on sharing (or oversharing, as I do!).

So here goes. Stick with me.

About a week ago I got a notification that I had some comments that needed approving for my blog. Someone had decided in between their very fulfilling happy life, they would share a few truths with me. I won’t go into all the details but they abused me for my weight and accused me of setting a bad example.

So where do I go from here?

I have to be really honest and say once upon a time this would have been enough to stop me. To make me stop doing what I love. I won’t lie and say I brushed him off as a keyboard warrior and didn’t think about it again. It hurt and made me question my self. It also made me angry. Mostly Angry knowing that he could have this impact on someone else out there that doesn’t have the support I luckily do.

After I went for a run (ironic huh) and cleared all those self hate inner mean girl thoughts out of my head, I put on my fighting gloves.

Obviously my blog is out there for people to read. Some people might relate, I would love if some people might feel supported enough to give something a go that they have always wanted, some people’s eyes might glaze over and keep on scrolling, some people may and do disagree with me. They are all ok responses. I’m cool with that. I don’t expect anything.

No, sorry that’s not quite correct.

I do expect something – common decency towards another human being.

So I thought it only fair to respond to this keyboard warrior and write him a letter….here goes.

Dear Mr.Micro Dick

what ever happened to you to make you so bitter?

I know I’m not perfect, but hey at least I’m not you.

Then I stopped writing – nothing can be gained or changed by arguing with an ignorant fool. And meh, I ain’t got time for you.

So instead I decided to pen a letter to my supportive tribe- the ones I will spend my time on. My family, friends, my awesome PT Carolyn, the ever supportive Titans tribe, my EMTB running crew, my Body positive tribe, my Eds crew and everyone else! ( how lucky am I Mr M. Dick?)

So take 2, here goes.

Dear Fabulous Fuckahs,

Thank you for your words of support.

Thank you for your encouragement to train when I really don’t want too.

Thank you for accepting me unconditionally as I am.

Thank you for showing me your adventures and what life has to offer.

Thank you for keeping it real, honest, sincere and supportive.

If any of you reading ever need support, encouragement, a shoulder, a wine (!!!) I will always have your back. You are the ones Im lucky to spend my time on.

Love Caz.

As for you Mr…..sorry I’ve already forgotten your name.
You wanna be at my level?

Start climbing.



5 thoughts on “You can’t stop me from being the best version of me. Not even if you tried.

  1. Well said!!!
    My training partner & I brought a proud smile to our trainers face last night as we dead lifted, bench pressed & military pressed our way through the session. (Last week it was boxing.) Why? Because our strength, flexibility and agility have improved over the last few months. Neither of us are light weights but he pushes us to be the very best we can. We love it and we are both in our 60’s.
    Roma 😉


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